The BEST Takeaways From my Running Journey… So Far!

I started running about 7 years ago, and I still remember the very first time that I ran five miles in a row. No stops. It was magical. It was also REALLY hard. I look back on all the time that has passed since then, and all the races, and I realize that running has given me so much more than I thought a physical activity could do. As I was becoming an adult, figuring out who I was then and who I wanted to be, my running journey discreetly helped to guide me here. How awesome is that?!

Here are a few key takeaways that I’ve dug into in the last few years:

  •  Controlling The Controllable – I’ve learned to only compete against myself, so that I become the best ME. 

When I was participating in trampoline and high school sports, I was always competing to WIN, and always landed near the top of the pack. Not winning did happen but it wasn’t something I was thrilled to stand on the podium for. In fact, sometimes I would get 2nd (or…worse!) and tell my Mom that I didn’t even want that award, and we could just go home! She always made me stay, stand up there, smile and be a good sport, because she’s a smart, wonderful mother. However, that outrageous competitive-ness spilled over into a lot of other aspects of my life, and when I look back now, that characteristic was probably annoying!

When I started running, it was humbling. I knew I wasn’t the best. I knew winning was not going to happen. It taught me to set personal goals, time goals, distance goals, etc… instead of relying on a subjective judge to tell me how I stacked up against others. Control the controllable – You can’t do anything about anyone else’s training, speed, nutrition, etc…! Now, I value my successes and accomplished goals as my own personal victories, without feeling compared to the masses of runners, of all shapes, ages, sizes, and experience levels. Even better, once I learned to appreciate that this is a personal journey, I started to get so much enjoyment out of other runner’s successes – faster, slower, longer, or farther than mine – without that bitterness of them “beating” me!

8949_10100858583134711_6336608152577230619_n 1959520_715050495219523_542041417533183483_n

  •   I Only Have One Body – Running taught me so much about health!

I started running because I was so afraid of the “Freshman 15.” Even though I was still doing trampoline, it was less often, I was eating out with friends, just buying cheap snacks to get me through the next pay check and, you know, making typical college student food (yes, and beverage) choices.

Because I was just doing it to avoid gaining weight, running sucked at first. I wasn’t paying attention to hydration, getting any nutrients, etc… It wasn’t until someone talked me into running races that I looked up training plans and started reading about all the best foods for people who run. It didn’t stop there, though. Although I have a huge sweet tooth (ask anyone) and you will not see me turn down a bowl of ice cream, I began to focus on making my meals as wholesome as I can. The runs stopped sucking, my paces got faster, the fatigue went away, and I became so much more educated about the types of things we should be putting into our bodies… But, I digress. We all can read about what we should be eating instead of what we currently do eat. 😉


  • I Genuinely Love The Human Race – However, runners might just be my favorite group of humans.

Many people believe that humans just aren’t good at heart. The news tells us that we kill, torture, and steal from each other. Media also tells us that bad things are happening all over, and we have to prepare for it to happen here. What it never tells us about, though, are the people who cheer complete strangers across a finish line, or those who would literally pick someone’s sweaty body up if it were about to pass out. Runners motivate, help, save, give their all to other runners even when it might cost them a PR. So do people outside of running.

Anyway, I just think the running community reminded me that there are always more good guys than bad. There will always be more people there to push you to be your best, than who want to bring you down. They’ve inspired me to be that kind of smiling, inspiring, motivating individual who leaves other people feeling better than when I found them, and who always believes the best in them. Thank you, runners everywhere, seriously!

1016770_10101283929966075_470811657_n 1044525_10151404303551653_223272349_n (1)

I feel as though there may be a list of 20 million fantastic things, that have made me better, within that list of three but you get it. I think runners honestly feel like they’re one big team. And, I’m so thrilled to be on it. I hope and pray that I am healthy enough to run through all the seasons of my life, but I’m remembering to be thankful that I get to run now, even if it doesn’t end up being forever. 😉

This week was another great week. The sun is out, the temperatures are up and it looks like Spring is here today. I told you it was going to arrive on time. :p

IMG_0481 IMG_0482

Final Thought: I can’t think of one other non-person “thing” in my life that gives me so much, without taking even more from me in return. Your job, daily tasks, never-ending bills, and your acquaintances can all take more from you than you get back sometimes. Running is definitely that joy that gives me a much bigger ROI (I worked in sales). The fatigue and sore muscles – those are all GOOD things that it gives us – building strength for future trials (runs)!

Who/ What in your life gives you the best return on how much you put into it? They should probably get a hug today! 


Quantity Over Quality? Yes, really.

This isn’t what you think. I’m not going to say that it’s my opinion that runners should finish 75 miles a week and they should all be miles that feel like poop – as long as you get them in! But, during my long run today, it really did become necessary for me to understand that quantity was more important to me than quality. Anyone training for a half marathon or marathon distance will probably understand what I mean by the end of this particular rant.

This morning, it was a rough run. I didn’t sleep well and wasn’t “feeling it.” A mile into the run, we had a dog chasing us, the big kind that growl and show their teeth at you. So, we changed our route to avoid the meanie and ended up on hills and slippery roads. About 7.5 miles in, I looked at my friend as were both feeling really tired and said, “How about we just do 10 and try to finish it faster than our last 10-miler?” She said, “I know this isn’t how the saying normally goes but it’s about quantity over quality in this run, so I think we should finish 12.”

And we did.

The last two miles were slow and painful. I also forgot (probs TMI, sorry!) to put body glide on, so the same final two miles put some other issues a little over the edge, too. We finished them, though.

image1 IMG_0345

I’ve heard people say that it’s about getting time on your feet (Megan’s coach tells her that A LOT). My running pals and I discuss that sometimes when we feel like we have to take more walk breaks than scheduled, or it’s just not the best run we’ve had and it’s kinda slow. I just don’t always listen. I’m pretty flawed and one of those flaws is my belief that I am invincible and need to as fast as I can be ALL. THE. TIME. It leads me to try to do every run at race pace or at least close to it. It also led me to try to squat 75 extra pounds without a spotter this week and nearly get crushed by the bar. But…. That’s another story. These things could lead to injury one day and that’s the last thing anyone wants, right? So, at the end of all this, the lesson is: Get the miles in sometimes without worrying about how fast the miles are.

Please notice that I said we pushed through because we just felt TIRED. We were not ill or injured or coming off a hard race and pushing for more mileage than recommended. I would never advocate for that. Actually, a girl I have never actually met, but feel like I know, wrote a great post about stopping when you need to – The Long Walk Home – and we can all agree that she did the right thing. Should you push through when you ran 26.2 miles a few days prior and it might be too much, too soon? NO. Should you push through when you’re just feeling blah? Absolutely. You will be thankful for the mental toughness and endurance when you do.

Not every run is easy, but the hard makes you better and training correctly (including the correct amount of REST) makes you the best runner that you can be. Humans can do REALLY hard things and that’s pretty awesome.

After the run, this cute niece of mine insisted that I sit down and play playdough with her. I was instructed to make yellow ducks, blue dolphins and brown butterflies.

How can anyone say no to that face?

I tried to teach math to a 3.5 year old? Do you think she understood? 😉

I tried to tell her no because I didn’t think sitting down wasn’t a good idea just yet. I was right. I’ll probably be sitting/ laying down the rest of the day now. I hope someone else is productive in my place. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

How do you make the call if you need to stop or push through a challenging run?

Are you running Gazelle Girl? Please let me know!

Running Buddies Make You Realize Your Potential.

I feel like people can’t talk enough about the value of running buddies. The past couple weekends, I have had the pleasure of being accompanied by seasoned runners during this training cycle’s long runs. One of them was a D1 college runner and the other has a bajillion races – okay, probably 6 or 7 marathons, a dozen 1/2 marathons and numerous other distances – under her belt. It was so interesting to hear each other’s preferences, from the pre-race food to how and when we stop for the water stations, to the longest run we prefer during marathon training.

My favorite thing about other runners is how competitive we are but how much we want each other to be successful. There are always high-fives going around and lots of smiles after the run is over, even on the coldest day or the slowest run of the year. My past three long runs (10, 10 & 8 miles) were the easiest and quickest I have done thanks to people who believe in me.


Beau needs to be in allllllllll the pictures. Silly pup.

These are, personally, my top five reasons for running with a pal when it’s anything above 6 miles:

1. I’m competitive. If you’re not going to stop, neither will I. Near the end of my fastest 10-mile training run EVER, my pal kicked it in high gear, and I didn’t even think my legs were going to get my feet off the ground anymore. Her words of encouragement got me through that incredibly hard 60 seconds of running and I couldn’t be more thankful! I had no idea I was that close to my goal. 

2. In addition to being competitive, I never want to hold someone else back if I know I’m just being lazy. If my body truly can’t go, that’s one thing, but if I’m just tired, having a running buddy makes me say, “Push through, because they gave up these two hours of their day to get a good run in WITH YOU.”

3. Pushing other people, when I’m the one having a good day and watching them get faster and more mentally tough is equally, if not more, fulfilling than feeling yourself become a better and faster runner.

4. The IronMan 70.3 does NOT allow headphones on the course. Every time I go out with a friend for a long workout, the headphones stay behind, helping me prepare for that dreadful, music-less 13.1 (plus 56 miles of biking) in August. It’s some of the best conversation, the occasional TMI conversation, but you know your deepest running thoughts are in good hands with them.

5. Don’t you get bored of the route you ALWAYS run in your neighborhood? My running buddies and I like to try new routes and we get that added safety in numbers. The new scenery helps our run go by so much faster. I don’t look at the next street and tell myself, “Oh gosh, there’s still X miles to go before we’re done.”

As I’ve mentioned before, there are some runs that are purely for my peace of mind, stress relief or I just NEED alone time. There are runs where the goal is speed work, and it’s hard to do it with someone who isn’t shooting for the exact same goal time or distance. It’s good to run alone for those reasons. It’s good to even just enjoy being alone sometimes, but nothing beats the feeling you get when you have others pushing you and you’re motivating them right back. On race day, they’re the ones who will know your goal, when you’re mental strength is failing and how to get you through it, and they’ll be there after it’s over, smiles, cheers, hugs & high-fives ready, regardless if it’s a PR or it just wasn’t your day.


This is last weekend’s run! Shelby is da bomb and made me realize that I can do the speeds I have in my mind that seemed so out-of-reach? Isn’t that great? She’s great. So are YOU!

FullSizeRender (1)

See that snow? That’s going to go away soon. I HAVE FAITH IN SPRING 2015’s PUNCTUAL ARRIVAL!!!!

On another super-duper positive note, I am optimistic (and also, my iPhone weather app tells me so!) that we are done with negative temperatures for the season! And, with daylight savings next weekend, I will be running outside more often! THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!

I hope you have had a stellar weekend.

Did I forget any FANTASTIC reason to run with a pal? 

T’was a Great Week for Running.

I really didn’t think I was going to have awesome training runs this week. Sunday, to start out, was just an easy four. By the second mile, I could tell I was coming down with the flu that had been going around. I was out of commission the rest of Sunday, all day Monday and although I was at work on Tuesday, I definitely was not myself. So, when I got back into a run on Wednesday, I took it easy. It felt surprisingly good and I was back into my training schedule Thursday for speed work. Peak 8, leg day and the Saturday long run never felt so good. The 1:45 for Gazelle Girl is in sight!


Sunday – 4 easy miles (8:49 pace) & Shoulder/Bicep/ Core

Monday & Tuesday – OFF

Wednesday – 3.25 easy miles (9:00 pace) & Chest/ Core

Thursday – Peak-8 Workout (3.12 total miles @ 8:02 pace) & Legs/ Core

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 10 miles (8:46 pace)

Weekly Total: 20.47 miles

If you don’t know what Peak-8 is, it’s one of my FAVORITE speed workouts of all time. This is the way that I do it, but your warm up and cool down can adjust to whatever your preference is:

Warm-up mile (6.7 MPH)

1:30 @ 7.0 MPH

0:30 @ 10.0 MPH

Repeat 8x

Cool down 0.5-1.0 mile (6.5 MPH)

This usually is around 3.5-4.0 miles

On the days I feel really, really great, I add a couple extra 2:00 (1:30 + 0:30) intervals at the end, which makes it Peak-9 or 10. Or, I increase the time from 0:30 to 1:00 for some of the fast run portions.

The only thing I regret from this week is that I haven’t started swimming. We are officially 24 weeks, less than six months, away from IronMan Steelhead 70.3! It was -20 degrees here TWICE this week, so I think you can understand my hesitation with getting into a swimsuit, even at an indoor pool.

FullSizeRender (2)

I’m going to start having a weekly goal and this week’s goal, consistent with the previous comment, is to begin swimming 1-2 times per week.

The running buddy I got to spend today with (she ran for five years in college and my run was basically a walk in the park for her) sent me this, even though I should be sending her such thankful sayings. This is soooo true about running pals. We are always so gracious to each other, even though the other person usually feels the exact same way we do. We hold each other accountable, push the pace when the other is slacking, know how to encourage each other and, YES, we make hours of running seem enjoyable! Have a great, great day all you running buddies!!


Does anyone have helpful pool workouts that they’d like to share?

Some of my favorite pictures!

I had mentioned some of the people I took pictures of most recently. I have been having so much fun in the last year, learning to use my Mom’s DSLR camera. She and my aunt do photography and it has really interested me ( They do an amazing job and my mom has let me take her camera anywhere I’ve asked! Trusting, right? Since I was teaching myself/ gathering tips from my Mom and others along the way, I just did all of my “photo shoots” for free. When you use the word FREE, you get lots of people with all sorts of different events to be your test subjects. It worked out wonderfully. I did friends, families, couples, maternity, newborn, weddings, etc…

These are some of my favorites:

My favorite man has grown up so quickly! Loved this day!

My favorite man has grown up so quickly! Loved this day!

Another little cutie - and so smart, too! :)

Another little cutie – and so smart, too! 🙂

Good luck finding anyone who loves dog more than Megan! :)

Good luck finding anyone who loves dogs more than Megan! 🙂


That fave little boy again. I wonder if he’ll ever see this when he’s older… 😉


These two were part of my FLAWLESS cousin's engagement shoot. I'm sucky lucky to know such a beauty :)

These previous two were part of my FLAWLESS cousin’s engagement shoot. I’m so lucky to know such a beauty 🙂

The soon-to-be famous Tyler gave me the honor of practicing with some headshots!

The soon-to-be famous Tyler gave me the honor of practicing with some headshots!

My love for this picture isn't because of any editing or technical aspects. This is sheer joy, and I love it.

My love for this picture isn’t because of any editing or technical aspects. This is sheer joy, and I love it. P.S. Each of them is wearing one their race shirts, runner followers! :p

Finally, my most recent love. When a picture ends up exactly as you picture, it's a good feeling. Simple and classic for the mom-to-be.

Finally – my most recent love. When a picture ends up exactly as you imagine it to, it’s a good feeling. Simple and classic for the mom-to-be.

Although I have so much to learn still and so many more types of things I’d like to photograph, I am thrilled with how far I’ve come in the last year with editing and recognizing bad shots (and good shots, too!).

Do any of you mess around with photography? 

What are your favorite types of pictures to look at?

It has been 5 days… I will be winning the bet.

I haven’t had any added sugars in my diet in 5 days. For most of you, that’s not anything to be proud of. HOWEVER, the day prior to taking up this challenge, I had two Starbucks hot chocolates, a large cupcake and several pieces of candy along with my regularly scheduled meals (which weren’t the best in themselves) – and that’s not really above average for my daily chocolate/cookie/cake/candy intake. I KNEW my sugar consumption was way too high, but what really hit me was when I felt like I was just exhausted during a three mile EASY run, then exhausted one day during situps, and doing things that I have been able to do for half my life! I knew it was because I don’t eat as well as I should. Next, I was reading blog posts about their successes with eliminating so much “junk.” I had a conversation with a good friend who had been feeling the same way as me and then…. She and I made a bet. NOBODY wants to lose a bet, right?

To aid in winning the bet, I have eliminated added sugars. To my knowledge, I have done that. I sort of emphasized that because I HAD NO IDEA how much food sugar was added into. So, I am nervous that I slipped up but the friend and I both agreed, the point was to get rid of the excess. I’ve eaten A LOT of fruits to satisfy the sugar craving. I even ate a whole lemon and LIKED it. Is that weird?

I will eat those things again. I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever (name that song) giving up ice cream permanently. I just want my body to stop acting like it NEEDS it. After a couple months of not putting it in my system, I am hoping I can have a Dairy Queen blizzard once a week without craving it again a few hours later, or waking up every morning feeling like I need a Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate and then a dessert after each meal of that day. Wish me luck. I NEED IT! 🙂

The half marathon training has been OKAY. I say that because usually two of my runs per week feel good, and the rest just plain suck. The great news is that I usually feel great while running my HMP runs. It gives me confidence. 🙂 I hope with a better diet, I see improvement in my energy pre and post workout. I have never actually focused on both the training plan and a diet, and strength training all at the same time. Maybe I’ll kill my PR??!! A girl can dream, as they say.

I get to start coaching gymnastics this week, and my niece gets to take the classes!!! I am SO SO SO excited to watch her do something that was such a big part of my life. However, I volunteer at a church nursery, coach these classe, go to grad school, work full time, try to do some photography sessions and train for this half marathon coming up… I should just start being excited about making it to the end of each week! 😉

Here’s a peek at some of the fun I’ve gotten to have behind the camera lately.

IMG_0490 IMG_0493buckinghamfam1 Buckingam Fam2

Have a great, speedy week! :):)

Those Hotel Fitness Centers Aren’t Always The Bomb.

Getting to travel around for work is one of my FAVORITE perks. I have been all over the midwest, just in the last 1.5 years at this job! However, when you’re on your very first week of a training plan (with a BIG goal in mind), it’s really unfortunate when things are not how they seem! 😦

Even with trusted hotel brands, you can sometimes run into snags with the fitness centers. This fitness center looked like it was going to be worth every penny! There were pictures of TV screens on each individual treadmill, tons and tons of weight equipment, bikes, ellipticals, you name it – it was in pictured or mentioned on the hotel website. I was very ready to get this week of training in the books…

After night one, I had one of those rare mornings where I was so thrilled to be up before 6AM to workout! Usually, I think of every excuse in the book to workout AFTER work instead! I get to the fitness center and… only ONE treadmill was functioning (it was being used!), the thermostat was set to 85 degrees and there were several people in there making it even warmer, and then the water cooler must have been broken because there was only hot water to drink!

Due to the time crunch, I could only get a mile in by the time the treadmill was free. However, I can’t feel my arms right now (in a good way), so I did something challenging!

All I could do was laugh. I am here until Sunday so I have already thought up supplemental strength training if the same thing happens to me tomorrow. I was bummed at first to ALREADY have to deviate from my schedule, but THAT’S LIFE. And, that’s okay. Strength is so important when you’re trying to get faster. The ever optimist that I am thinks all the treadmills will be magically fixed tomorrow, anyway 😉

Here is my suggestion for some cardio when your fitness area is not exactly what you expect. NOBODY uses those stairs in lieu of that elevator –so work ‘em! Take 5 or so flights and do: hops (skip one stair), 1 legged hops, sprints, deep squat jumps (down), calf raisers, high knew runs, etc… 3 sets of as many as you can think of is a darn good leg workout. Just plain running stairs is good, too!

How do you “make do” when you’re traveling but need to get a sweat session in?

Creating My 1/2 Marathon Training Plan

Good morning!

I have about 14 weeks until my next race, which is one of my favorite courses: Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon

It’s not a secret that my goal for my April ½ marathon is 1:45:00. This will be my 6th half marathon and my current PR is 1:49.17 on a very similar course in the same city. I have never followed a training plan before! My thoughts have always been: get a long run, a fast run and a couple mid-distance ones each week. Therefore, I am SO EXCITED to follow a plan, try to eat a little better, and see what my results are!

I’ve been searching through other blogger’s tips, Runners World, Hal Higdon’s plans and other random sites for some of the best 10 and 12 week programs. I had some luck, even finding a couple geared specifically to my time goal. So, this weekend, I’ve started tweaking what I’ve found, into the first customized training plan I’ve ever developed. The best part is that it has the things I want and need during training. I have some running friends who have paid for running coaches, and I’d love to one day – it’s just not something doable for me right now. So, lots of research, advice from long-time runners and knowing what my body excels at will have to do!

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve developed so far!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 9.48.50 AM

I’m registered for an IronMan 70.3 in August so you can see the start of some swim and bike training. In the later months, I’m obviously adding more of each, and brick workouts. It’s odd thinking about swimming outside when it is FREEZING here.

What is different on mine from most that I have seen, is that on one of my rest days, I have it dedicated to a long stretch. I’m thinking a good 45 minutes! I was a trampolinist until about 2012 and with that background, I was flexible and limber. It’s amazing how fast some of that has left me. Now, I suffer from tight hamstrings and other muscles, a back that’s always cracking, etc… I am not a professional, but I know that MY body needs to get back in the habit of good stretching.

Other than that, I feel I’m consistent with some speed, easy runs, etc… Once I hit the 10 week (to race day) mark, the mileage begins to reach 30-35 miles a week. Last year, I had set a resolution to run 1,000 miles throughout the year. I failed. I failed bad. This year, following a plan, I have a lot more confidence going into it with mileage like that up until at least August.

One thing I noticed on most of the training plans I found was that they consisted of 5 run days per week. I know that it works GREAT for some runners, but not this girl! You’ll see me peak at 4 runs a week. I started running for the same reason as a lot of people – to relieve stress, have time to think, etc… Although I love racing, shooting for a new PR or trying a new distance, I have NO desire to get burnt out because I have every intention of being a life-long runner.

Winter has decided to show itself in the last two days. Since a plow hadn’t been anywhere, our 6 mile run yesterday was… interesting. 😉 It was just an easy run, filled with the best conversation. The friend I ran with is running the Walt Disney World Marathon next weekend so it was definitely all about what she needed to feel good and stay loose for her race weekend.

IMG_0356 FullSizeRender (1)

Have any of you customized your own training plan? What is your advice?

– This is my first time! Send me your suggestions! 🙂

Do you prefer running with a friend?

– I love my running buddies, but I still prefer to do speed alone. Any other run, I enjoy the chats and encouragement from someone else.

The BEST Me – From the Inside, Out!

2014 was such a quick year. My mom has told me that they just seem to go by faster as you get it older. I sort of hope that isn’t true!

Every year, we all make lists of things we want to accomplish. I started to write those down again. It had a lot of the same things from prior years that I say I want to do and then fail at by February 1. Those things usually revolve around reducing the amount of sugar I consume, running at least 5 days a week, losing 10 pounds, etc… Here’s the thing: My soul and I really love ice cream, some weeks your body wants NEEDS more rest and my worth is not in those ten pounds. Enjoy those treats in moderation, know when your body deserves to sit on the couch and watch an episode of Friends, and most importantly, know when to push your limits and when to say, enough is enough for today. NOBODY wants an injury that makes another goal unattainable! That definitely doesn’t mean don’t push yourself. It just means, take the time to enjoy the aspects of life that have nothing to do with your physical appearance or fitness level because your heart, soul and your brain matter so much more, as cliché as that sounded. When your heart is happy, you will want to push harder for all of those fitness goals!

That being said,  I do have a shorter list of specific goals for 2015 but it’s definitely going to be about focusing on my soul – being my BEST self.

My running goals consist of:

  1. Get a sub 1:45 ½ marathon time this year! Here’s what is on my race schedule so far: 2015 Races
  2. Complete the Steelhead ½ IronMan in under 6 ½ hours.
  3. Be consistent about supplemental strength training.

My internal goals are:

  1. Take my niece to the beach.
  2. Also, eat some ice cream with her. She’s growing up so quickly.
  3. Read 5 books.

Other than that, my biggest goal is to put positive thoughts and LOVE into every conversation and interaction I have with another person – leave him or her feeling better than when I first encountered them. Life is good and I want to share how good it is with everyone I meet.

FullSizeRender IMG_0321 IMG_0322

Happy, Happy, HAPPY 2015 to you from me. I hope this is the best year you’ve ever had – in life, love and of course, your running! 🙂


What books should I be looking at reading? 

What is your favorite inspirational quote?


I just registered for the Ironman 70.3 Steelhead. Here’s to a new journey.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.03.05 PM

Yes, this one! 9 Months away!

Yes, this one! 9 Months away!

I went to the website more than three times over the last five days, but just couldn’t hit the submit button. I kept chickening out. Can I Will I really put in the training that’s required to accomplish this?

This morning, I just randomly woke up with a new outlook on it! Hey, ya know, this is just a 1/2 IronMan. I’m not even doing the WHOLE thing. 😉

In all seriousness, I’m aware it will still be tough and that the 70.3 is not something to joke about. But, I really did wake up with the mindset I needed – I can truly accomplish this. I have all of the support I could possibly need and am so blessed to be healthy enough to attempt it!

Of course, the first thing I did was write a blog post on the blog I’ve maintained so well because ya know, if I tell all of you I’m going to do it, then I’m held accountable. At least, that’s the idea behind it. I hope you’ll follow this new journey; the runs, the bikes, the undoubtedly cold swims and all the randomness in between. Better yet, join me! Please?

Feel free to comment any of your triathlon training advice or experiences.

Anyone want to be my virtual training buddy here in a couple months?

Where have you found the best triathlon training plans?