Sock Buns and Creepy Man Pants and Faster Times.

Sorry that I totally failed with the idea of a regular posting schedule. I have no idea if you know this but I speak Spanish so I got a side gig translating some documents. It’s consuming my life! But, it’s fun and nice to know that I am capable of doing large-scale tasks like this one.

For running this week, I didn’t get huge mileage numbers, but boy did I have some interesting workouts!

Sunday: 8.5 miles with a friend. I got us lost, in the arctic tundra that is Michigan lately. She wasn’t pleased. My Garmin died halfway through, because it was too cold, so I don’t even know our pace. It was NOT the best long run I’ve had.

Monday – Peak 8 (2.16 miles) and gymnastics-based conditioning. This week I held my “jog” at 7.0 MPH and my sprint at 10.0 MPH. I’m amazed at how fast I’m already getting (SEE FRIDAY’S RUN), and I have 11 weeks before my half marathon still. I am SO excited. I did, reluctantly, complete 10 chin-ups again. 😉

Tuesday – I did a super easy 2 miles and then stretched really well… Did I mention people point out my tight hamstrings a lot at the gym? It’s sort of embarrassing…

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 3.02 easy miles with Megan in the bitter, bitter cold. I love Michigan but c’mon… it’s cold. Please lighten up on us!

Friday – 4.02 mile in 33:00! This is my best run this week and I am so excited about the 8:13 (FAST TIME) pace I averaged.

Considering my goal pace for the ½ marathon (in 11 weeks) is an 8:23 pace, this makes me VERY happy and even more motivated (yes, I know it’s 9.1 more miles, but still).

Although I’ve definitely had my fair share of chocolate and ice cream this week, I’ve also seen a lot more of these types of things in my diet, and I think it’s truly helped with my energy:

image-7            image-5

Okay, now for the reason my post is titled the way that it is… THIS is what I have to look at every time I go down to my boyfriend’s basement.


And EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I think someone is in those pants and is going to kill me. Why do they have to hang there, right behind the treadmill? Why? Why? Why?

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my night, playing with the new sock bun I got and drinking yummy hot cocoa… away from those creepy man pants.

image-9  image-8


It’s the little things in life…

I haven’t been feeling 100%, so I’ve run a total of three miles since I last posted, but hey it was at an 8:41 pace and I’ve got a ten-miler in the morning with one of my favorite running buddies, so I’m feeling very happy about all that still!!!

Anyway, the things that did go on in the last few days  have been great. It truly is the little things in life for me.

I played with my absolute favorite person before she zonked out. This is my niece. We shall call her FiFi and she shall be mine and she shall be my FiFi… Name that movie and you WIN!



She took my glasses off my head and decided she looked better in them. I think she’s right. Then she gave me a photo shoot of funny faces for a good 5 minutes. Best. 2 year old. ever.


It looks like I might have something stuck in my teeth….. That’s what I get, I guess. 😉

I also successfully cooked AND cleaned, which is quite an accomplishment. My domesticated skills are far below average for a person my age.

I leave you with this wonderful photo of the piece of chocolate I found right when one of those chocolate cravings hit. Ladies, you know how that goes. All I can say is THANK YOU, Jesus!


Get your run on this weekend! 🙂

When you Feel Like Poo, But you Have Miles to Do!

Today I feel sick. I’ve already considered using a sick day tomorrow because I could just really use the rest.

Go figure, because I set a goal to run 1000 miles this year, which comes to like 84 per month… I’ve run 18 this month… Yea. I didn’t run because I felt cruddy today, and if I’m smart, I won’t try to run tomorrow. Sometimes, I think I’m invincible, though….

People yell at me when I run when I feel sick, because I end up feeling ill for way longer than I probably would have. My friends and family are always trying to poop at the party (party poopers.) Hahaha!! Please watch this video if you didn’t understand my little joke that I just made:

Jennifer poops at parties?

I really hope you laughed as much as I do at that!

Anyway, let’s take for example, Megan. She always gives me the proper words of stern advice when I would like to do things that I shouldn’t do:


She does it out of love!

Sometimes it’s a little threatening. She has to be, though, or it typically doesn’t work. 😉

Yesterday, I did take a totally-toned class, though, at my local gym. It wasn’t terribly difficult but it WORKED a ton of different muscle groups. I also was informed (I already knew, but was in denial) that I desperately needed to do more hamstring stretches and that, “you’re too young to not be able to do a full extension!” Here are some great ones that I’ve done the last couple days and were recommended to me by more than one person. They’re super simple and effective!

Unknown str_ham_prn_prtner hamstringstretch0708

Stretch, strength-train AND Run! So important to do all three to get the most out of your body!

Dopey Challenge Shoutout!

I inhaled ice cream and other less-than-impressive foods of choice while watching my Instagram, Twitter, Reader and Facebook feeds fill themselves with those of you who completed the inaugural Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World’s Marathon weekend. My first and most obnoxious shoutout goes to Megan from Running Toward The Prize.


Running off adrenaline after completing 48.6 miles in four days! Congratulations to you, Megan! 🙂

I trained with Megan for this event so she wasn’t all alone on all of her long runs. I emphasize all, because although I was with her for a good amount of long runs, she still doubled my mileage the last two months! It has been so much fun this weekend to see her excitement as she finishes the biggest race of her life to date! I cannot wait until I’m not poor anymore and can do it as well! 😉

Congratulations to the rest of the Marathon-weekend runners as well. Your accomplishments are amazing, regardless of what race you did!

On a less productive-note, I dog-sat my boyfriend’s puppy this weekend.

First, he helped me keep-up with Megan and the others whose blogs I read / whom I knew that were participating in the events at Walt Disney World:


If you are ever in need of some computer help, I have an eager doggy for hire.

After that, we went on a 3 mile walk with his brother puppy and my friend, Brooke!


3.06 miles, if we are being exact.

It’s good that we did that, because I ate A LOT of (AMAZING) Häagen-Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream… I’m still planning to run this evening, but you know, incase that ice cream puts me in a sugar coma and I don’t run, I did get a nice walk in.

On a side note, Beau and brother Harley have been doing this since we got back,


Congrats again, WDW Marathon-Weekend finishers! I can’t wait to be a part of that finisher group one day!

I will do chin-ups. I will do chin-ups.. I WILL do chin-ups!

Strength training is crucial, I get it.. I was a gymnast until 2012 so I am strong, just not near as strong as I once was. And.. I have NEVER been able to do pull-ups or chin-ups. It baffles everyone.

Last night, I went to the gym with some of my lovely workout buddies. I’m pumped because I brought the AB workout and we were going to get a good run in.

Well, we did those things first.

Started out with this workout called a Peak-8. Do you know what that is? I didn’t – today was my first rodeo:

3:00 Warm up run (6.0 MPH)

1:30 Jog (6.5 MPH)

0:30 HARD (9.5 MPH)

Repeat the 1:30 Jog and 0:30 HARD sections 8 times. Peak-8, get it?

3 minute cooldown (6.0 Pace) = approximately 2 miles / 20 minutes


Next, was an awesome abdominal activity that I came up with and it was just perfect!


25 Crunchers

1:00 Plank

25 R. Oblique V-Ups

0:45 Plank

25 L. Oblique V-ups

0:30 Plank

50 Toe Touches (25 each side)

0:45 Plank

25 Sit Ups

1:00 Plank

25 Crunchers


Then my friend came up with this great idea to make us do 10 chin-ups every time we work out, starting today, because… it’s good for Tough Mudder training? No, I’m certain it’s because she just wants to laugh at my attempts.  But guess what, everyone??! I did TWO! Haha, actually I did ten, but with assistance on all except two. By September, I will master the chin-up!!


Those muscles will be rockin’ by September. Just you wait! 🙂


I finally finished my workout with 3.01 more treadmill miles in 26:30 (8:48 Pace).

If I can keep up with these kinds of workouts, I’m going to reach all my goal times for sure! 😉picstitch

Off for another 6 miles today. Have a good weekend!

I Started Running Because… And Now Here I Am!

My favorite thing about reading other people’s blogs (runner’s blogs in this case) is learning why they write about what they do and how they got where they are today! Some call that being nosey, but this girl calls it good social skills and being friendly. I love people and meeting new ones. So much that others think I’m silly. But there are far worse things I could be.

The story behind why I started running isn’t all that interesting… Man, that’s a theme in my blog writing already. I have some major work to do. I started running farther than a mile in like 2008 so I didn’t gain weight during college. A few years later, I decided to train for a 1/2 marathon! I ran the Detroit Free Press 1/2 and I got to run to CANADA and back!

397159_10150675160954896_438660409_n 377168_10150675160439896_1798654720_n

I’m not sure why these pics look like they’re from the early 90’s. Anyway, I ran (still my PR as of now, HA!) a 1:56.42. I was shocked and amazed because I’d done well, and since then I’ve been like, wow, I’m awesome, let’s run races ALL THE TIME. So, in 2012 and 2013, I did lots and lots of running of all kinds – 5ks, 10ks, 25ks, mud runs and triathlons!


Eww, that's not the best photo of me I've ever seen.   934993_10200212221728687_354207115_n-1   998171_10151404305031653_1911271824_n

However, my biggest accomplishment is my first MARATHON! I ran the Chicago Marathon in October 2013 and it was one of the COOLEST experiences of my life! I was slow, wayyyyyyyyy slower than I ever thought I’d be and at the end, I was grumpy. Then all of a sudden, it was as if I realized….. that I finished a marathon! Adrenaline is a wonderful thing.

1383135_10152323064614896_1027809357_n-1     995509_10152325775589896_1909056362_n

I’m so excited for my 2014 running year. Although fewer races, I’m excited about speed, strength and getting quality runs and workouts in with some great running friends. I’m also OVERJOYED to share my goals, maybe inspire people and hold myself accountable by using this blog! Good luck to all of us in our 2014 running goals!

Hello world!

If you haven’t been to Michigan, I don’t recommend you come now.

It’s cold, -24 with the wind chill. This is the coldest I’ve ever felt in my entire life of +24 years. You probably have a friend on Facebook from the area. And, they probably put a screenshot of the temperature up on their social media outlets. Check your news feed.

I’d like to give you my own temperature screenshot, but I’m nervous about putting my town on the internet. Nobody likes creepers.

I saw this girl come out with her first blog post ever and it was really nice and had a whole theme and story and list of how to live your life great and still enjoy yourself when you’re married young.

I’m not that awesome at blogging, yet. I’m also not married. I’m also not a fan of lists or staying on a topic. Well, more so, I’m not good at those types of things.

I’m also not good at confrontation, swearing (I sound like a 12 year old trying to be cool), saying no to people, saying no to chocolate or cleaning my room.

But I am good at a lot of other things. By far, the best is how good I am at being positive. That’s why we end with the good stuff:

I’m good at sports. I run and I used to be a trampolinist. I’m good at shopping (yes, it counts). I’m good at spelling things correctly…

I like to think I’m also good at things that really matter, like being an aunt and a sister and a daughter and a friend. I’m good at seeing both sides. I do my best at listening and being compassionate. I never give up on people and I hope I never do.

Thanks for checking out my blog. It will get better. 🙂