Hello world!

If you haven’t been to Michigan, I don’t recommend you come now.

It’s cold, -24 with the wind chill. This is the coldest I’ve ever felt in my entire life of +24 years. You probably have a friend on Facebook from the area. And, they probably put a screenshot of the temperature up on their social media outlets. Check your news feed.

I’d like to give you my own temperature screenshot, but I’m nervous about putting my town on the internet. Nobody likes creepers.

I saw this girl come out with her first blog post ever and it was really nice and had a whole theme and story and list of how to live your life great and still enjoy yourself when you’re married young.

I’m not that awesome at blogging, yet. I’m also not married. I’m also not a fan of lists or staying on a topic. Well, more so, I’m not good at those types of things.

I’m also not good at confrontation, swearing (I sound like a 12 year old trying to be cool), saying no to people, saying no to chocolate or cleaning my room.

But I am good at a lot of other things. By far, the best is how good I am at being positive. That’s why we end with the good stuff:

I’m good at sports. I run and I used to be a trampolinist. I’m good at shopping (yes, it counts). I’m good at spelling things correctly…

I like to think I’m also good at things that really matter, like being an aunt and a sister and a daughter and a friend. I’m good at seeing both sides. I do my best at listening and being compassionate. I never give up on people and I hope I never do.

Thanks for checking out my blog. It will get better. 🙂



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