It’s the little things in life…

I haven’t been feeling 100%, so I’ve run a total of three miles since I last posted, but hey it was at an 8:41 pace and I’ve got a ten-miler in the morning with one of my favorite running buddies, so I’m feeling very happy about all that still!!!

Anyway, the things that did go on in the last few days  have been great. It truly is the little things in life for me.

I played with my absolute favorite person before she zonked out. This is my niece. We shall call her FiFi and she shall be mine and she shall be my FiFi… Name that movie and you WIN!



She took my glasses off my head and decided she looked better in them. I think she’s right. Then she gave me a photo shoot of funny faces for a good 5 minutes. Best. 2 year old. ever.


It looks like I might have something stuck in my teeth….. That’s what I get, I guess. 😉

I also successfully cooked AND cleaned, which is quite an accomplishment. My domesticated skills are far below average for a person my age.

I leave you with this wonderful photo of the piece of chocolate I found right when one of those chocolate cravings hit. Ladies, you know how that goes. All I can say is THANK YOU, Jesus!


Get your run on this weekend! 🙂


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