8 weeks until Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon!

Yup, that’s right. 8 weeks from today. That scares me a little, especially since I have BIG goals. I want to improve my time by nearly 7 minutes from my previous PR, which was over 2 years ago! I feel like I’ve been training so well, but…. what if? How is the training going for your guys’ spring 1/2 marathons? What kind of speed work are you putting in?

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – 4 easy miles with Megan in 41:00 (10:15 Pace)

Tuesday – 2.01 in 16:11 (8:03 pace), Leg Strength Training

Wednesday – Abs/Arms Strength Training

Thursday – 3.14 in 30:00 (9:33 Pace) Abs/Arms

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 10 Miles with Megan in 1:44:50 (10:22 Pace)

IMG_2336 IMG_2380

On Saturday, for the long run, we did the walk/run method that Megan has consistently been using for over a year now. She swears by it and we actually included those walks breaks in the overall time it took, so I definitely believe in it as well. We did 1 mile run / 1 minute walk intervals. It has allowed me to do more miles than I could have without the breaks, and the pace during the run section is faster because I’ve had a small recovery. I didn’t want to do it at first, but I definitely have learned to love and appreciate my one minute walk breaks. I don’t have any intention of walking during the actual half marathon, but many people have done the run/walk and even qualified for Boston doing it. Try it if you’re struggling to up your mileage. A 12 minute miles is just as far as an 8 minute mile! 🙂

Oh yea! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Hope you guys had a good one. I won the best dressed contest at work! I pretty much killed it. I’m not competitive at all 😉

IMG_2373  IMG_2368

My boyfriend happens to think VDay is a pretty stupid holiday, and therefore doesn’t want to celebrate it. So, instead of a Valentine’s Day card, I got a “Thank You” card. I’ll take what I can get.


Oh, my gosh! And the bestest part of my week was the photo shoot I got to do (I did mention I dabble in Photography) with my good friend and her little 3 month old.

Layne 3mo 1 Layne 3mo 2

Have a good week. Get your speed on! 🙂


A Week’s Worth of Happiness and Exercise. Oh, AND a trip to SPAIN!

I had a great week. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing job and they have even okay-ed a  Study Abroad trip that I have to complete for my Master’s program. I will be spending 6 weeks in Spain this Summer, taking classes and even doing a little traveling! I wonder what kind of running trails they will have in the city I’m in! I will still have races to run in the Fall when I get back, so I’ll have to stay in shape!

If you didn’t know, it’s REALLY cold here. I finally have mastered the right amount of clothing for runs as I actually was sweating yesterday and did not have frozen fingers. As I was on my way to church this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely beautiful it was, as FREEZING as it is. So, I’ll be thankful for that, but at the same time, I will note that we only have 41 days until Spring. Hallelujah.


Random, but important: I got my man-friend to shave off his beard this week. I’ve had to “deal with”it for over 3 months. He looked like a lumberjack, still handsome, but it was time for it to go. Again, thank you Jesus!

I also hit 22 miles this week, so I am actually on par to get my 84 miles per month, leading to 1,000 miles for 2014! Yay! I just have to do a few extra to make up for last month’s slacking…

Sunday: 6 miles easy, in 1:10:00 with Megan  (11:40 Pace)

Monday: 2 miles (easy) in 19:00 (9:30 Pace), Gymnastics Conditioning

Tuesday: 5 Miles of Speedwork with Megan (4 miles at 9:00 pace, 2 min rest between miles and ½ mile warm up, cool down)

Wednesday: Rest Day! 🙂

Thursday: 3.12 miles in 26:40 (8:33 Pace), Gymnastics Conditioning

Friday: Arms/ Abs Conditioning

Saturday: 6 miles in 57:40 with a new running buddy / old friend Sarah! (9:37 Pace)


Have a GREAT week! – From the furry friends in my life. And yes, the second one is also a dog. 😉

photo 3 photo 5

#AmericaIsBeautiful. Short and Sweet.

I’m sure someone is going to get angry. You’re entitled to your opinion. However, it really hurt my heart to see the bashing of the Coca-Cola commercial, as it was probably my favorite one. I am absolutely HONORED to be an American and HONORED to have a song about America sung in other languages. It showed compassion, peace, love and UNITY.

The Bible has been translated into nearly every language (Also, ENGLISH wasn’t the bible’s original language) and I’m sure God looks at it as though it’s amazing to have all these different languages praising Him and learning about Him. Isn’t that what Coca-Cola did? They praised America in SEVEN languages! That’s pretty awesome! The song was a tribute to and from all different ethnicities and nationalities that make up the “Greatest Country in The World.”

I encourage you to please listen to it again, this time with a little compassion and respect for the melting pot that has always been our country, and also for the sweet voices of the beautiful children singing it. Thank you.


This winter is dampening my running spirit, for real.

It’s the coldest and snowiest one I can remember in my lifetime. I’m from Michigan so it’s not like I have never seen a cold day. I thought the bitter cold was over. And I woke up this morning to this…

photo (1)

I set a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2014. That comes to (approximately) 84 miles per month. That’s totally doable. I failed this month and I blame it on the cold and snow. I also blame it on me for not checking the weather and realizing I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish that many outdoor runs. I got in 52 miles. However, there are positives of less mileage and more strength and speed.

My average pace was over 30 seconds per mile faster on every run.

I have truly loved the runs I was able to do because there was never a day I felt forced to do them.

The emphasis on strength-training has made a noticeable impact on my overall enjoyment of working out. Variety is the spice of life. 😉

Here’s a recap:

Monday – Peak 8 Sprint workout. Then I walked a couple miles while chatting with a cool man I met that works at the same place I do. Such a small world!

Tuesday – 5.04 miles in 43:00 (8:32 pace)

Wednesday/Thursday – no running. Lots of abs/arms and stretching

Friday – 4.02 miles in 33:50 (8:25 pace)

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 6 easy miles with Megan.

This weekend was a busy one. I had to work, babysit, participate in my graduate conversations all while getting another 6 inches of snow. I’m super thankful my Dad loves me as much as he does.

Then I had bridesmaid’s dress shopping and  a super bowl party – where I ate the best fruit pizza and I tried my hand at making a dish to pass as well – brownie batter dip!!! 🙂


IMG_3107    photo