#AmericaIsBeautiful. Short and Sweet.

I’m sure someone is going to get angry. You’re entitled to your opinion. However, it really hurt my heart to see the bashing of the Coca-Cola commercial, as it was probably my favorite one. I am absolutely HONORED to be an American and HONORED to have a song about America sung in other languages. It showed compassion, peace, love and UNITY.

The Bible has been translated into nearly every language (Also, ENGLISH wasn’t the bible’s original language) and I’m sure God looks at it as though it’s amazing to have all these different languages praising Him and learning about Him. Isn’t that what Coca-Cola did? They praised America in SEVEN languages! That’s pretty awesome! The song was a tribute to and from all different ethnicities and nationalities that make up the “Greatest Country in The World.”

I encourage you to please listen to it again, this time with a little compassion and respect for the melting pot that has always been our country, and also for the sweet voices of the beautiful children singing it. Thank you.



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