It has been 5 days… I will be winning the bet.

I haven’t had any added sugars in my diet in 5 days. For most of you, that’s not anything to be proud of. HOWEVER, the day prior to taking up this challenge, I had two Starbucks hot chocolates, a large cupcake and several pieces of candy along with my regularly scheduled meals (which weren’t the best in themselves) – and that’s not really above average for my daily chocolate/cookie/cake/candy intake. I KNEW my sugar consumption was way too high, but what really hit me was when I felt like I was just exhausted during a three mile EASY run, then exhausted one day during situps, and doing things that I have been able to do for half my life! I knew it was because I don’t eat as well as I should. Next, I was reading blog posts about their successes with eliminating so much “junk.” I had a conversation with a good friend who had been feeling the same way as me and then…. She and I made a bet. NOBODY wants to lose a bet, right?

To aid in winning the bet, I have eliminated added sugars. To my knowledge, I have done that. I sort of emphasized that because I HAD NO IDEA how much food sugar was added into. So, I am nervous that I slipped up but the friend and I both agreed, the point was to get rid of the excess. I’ve eaten A LOT of fruits to satisfy the sugar craving. I even ate a whole lemon and LIKED it. Is that weird?

I will eat those things again. I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever (name that song) giving up ice cream permanently. I just want my body to stop acting like it NEEDS it. After a couple months of not putting it in my system, I am hoping I can have a Dairy Queen blizzard once a week without craving it again a few hours later, or waking up every morning feeling like I need a Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate and then a dessert after each meal of that day. Wish me luck. I NEED IT! 🙂

The half marathon training has been OKAY. I say that because usually two of my runs per week feel good, and the rest just plain suck. The great news is that I usually feel great while running my HMP runs. It gives me confidence. 🙂 I hope with a better diet, I see improvement in my energy pre and post workout. I have never actually focused on both the training plan and a diet, and strength training all at the same time. Maybe I’ll kill my PR??!! A girl can dream, as they say.

I get to start coaching gymnastics this week, and my niece gets to take the classes!!! I am SO SO SO excited to watch her do something that was such a big part of my life. However, I volunteer at a church nursery, coach these classe, go to grad school, work full time, try to do some photography sessions and train for this half marathon coming up… I should just start being excited about making it to the end of each week! 😉

Here’s a peek at some of the fun I’ve gotten to have behind the camera lately.

IMG_0490 IMG_0493buckinghamfam1 Buckingam Fam2

Have a great, speedy week! :):)


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