This is Me.

Hi! This is just a peek at my journey through running, triathlons, grad school and trying to be positive ray of light to as many people on the face of this earth as possible. I started a blog for accountability purposes, but I truly LOVE reading about other people’s journeys, to WHATEVER their goals are, and the ways they’re bettering this world.

What do I say about myself? I dabble in a few things you’ll hear about a lot, such as running, swimming, gymnastics, photography, fashion, puppy-loving, etc…

I suppose if you asked around, these are the things I think people would say about me:

…She’s messy.

She’s happy.

She’s strange.

She laughs at her own jokes.

She eats way too much junk food.

She’s stubborn.

She’s a hippie.

She’s forgetful.

She’s loud…

Those are all true. I hope that’s okay. 🙂



Peace and Love homies.


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